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Relocating power plants worldwide

Empower the world

We mean every word of that. ASTRA Innovations is committed to advancing social and economic development in places that need it the most. We do this by enabling frontier markets to access gently used large physical assets, including power plants.

Empower the world with us


ASTRA Innovations is a world-wide enabler of transactions dealing with the relocation of power plants. We bridge all the gaps between a potential buyer and the seller to guarantee the success of the relocation.

Our mission


To add value for our clients by enabling the technical, commercial and environmental aspects of the successful relocation of power plants. This is how we contribute to the best possible global allocation of available fuel and generation resources to achieve a truly sustainable future energy landscape.

Our team


Our people are impact-oriented and take emotional ownership over what they do. We insist on highest ethical standards and our culture emphasizes putting the needs of the clients first.

Cynthia Wandia - Managing Director


Cynthia Wandia founded ASTRA Innovations in 2014. Cynthia is in charge of the group's business development and manages the strategic course of the organization. Her previous experiences include Johnson & Johnson, IKEA, Lehman Brothers and since 2011 she has held various positions at E.ON. Cynthia earned a degree from the faculty of Electrical Engineering at Yale University. She is a Kenyan national, fluent in English, Spanish, French, German and Swahili and proficient in Mandarin.

Ibrahim Sawaneh - Regional Representative


Ibrahim Sawaneh is the Co-Founder of ASTRA Innovations. He is responsible for the company’s supplier relationships. He started his career as a Consultant at PwC and is a Co-Founder of Group Estate. He holds two degrees from Humboldt-University in Berlin. Ibrahim is a Guinean national and is fluent in German, English, French and Maninka.

Dominik Neubauer - Senior Business Analyst


Dominik Neubauer is the Senior Business Analyst at ASTRA Innovations. He manages and structures the financial analysis of projects arising from international business deals. Dominik joined ASTRA as part of the global graduate program at E.ON, and obtained his degree in Mathematical Studies and Financial Engineering from the Technical University of Munich. He is a German national and is fluent in English, Spanish and German.

Raf Kelgtermans - Principal Engineering Advisor


Raf Kelgtermans provides engineering advisory to ASTRA Innovations, having over 25 years of experience in developing, constructing and operating power plants across the world, including in Bahrain, Italy and Brussels. He is a member of the Global Operational Support Team at E.ON Generation. Raf is a Belgian national and is fluent in English, Dutch, French, and German.


ASTRA Innovations provides world-class engineering and commercial transaction advisory as well as supply chain design and fuel sourcing strategy design to clients across the globe.

Our competence


We hold in-depth know-how of all points of the energy value chain, paired with comprehensive methodological expertise and project management experience. ASTRA is additionally powered by E.ON’s global trading, operations and engineering teams.

Our Added Value


We offer a clear success proposition to investors and clients willing to ramp up their generation capacity. The following advantages are some benefits enjoyed by our clients worldwide:

E.ON SE is a major investor-owned energy supplier. At facilities across Europe, Russia, and North America, our more than 62,000 employees generated approx. 122.5 billion EUR in sales in 2013. In addition, there are businesses in Brazil and Turkey managed jointly with partners.


We deliver a tailor-made solution to meet our customer’s needs. Our products can be bundled to construct a package that is tailored to your business, and we provide our expertise at every step of the process.


Full Asset Relocation

Custom-made solutions

Fuel Sourcing

Contract management and negotiation

O&M Services

Maintenance strategies and Advanced Condition Monitoring

Spare Parts Supply

Volume purchased to lower costs


We provide large physical assets including power plants, mining infrastructure and transportation equipment. Investors interested in fully operational turnkey projects can also benefit from our portfolio of  well maintained assets, which we can relocate to a location of your choice.


Operating a large asset requires a robust fuel management strategy. We will work with you to secure the most competitive and reliable supply.


For the relocated assets, we provide high-expertise Operations & Maintenance services  in order to integrate the asset into the target location and ultimately into your economy. We take capacity building seriously and aim to staff the operations of the plant with local expertise.


We offer components and spare parts for your assets, dynamically priced in order to offer you the best value for your investment.