Our Services

We deliver a tailor-made solution to meet our customer’s needs. Our products can be bundled to construct a package that is tailored to your business, and we provide our expertise at every step of the process.


 Our Service Offering Includes:

Plant Relocation
Investors seeking fully operational turnkey power plant projects will benefit from our portfolio of well maintained assets, which we can relocate to a location of your choice.
Fuel Sourcing
Operating a large asset requires a robust fuel management strategy. We will work with you to negotiate and secure the most competitive and reliable supply.
O&M Services
For the relocated assets, we secure the Operations & Maintenance service to successfully integrate the plant into the target grid and economy, with a priority on local capacity building.
Spare Parts Supply
Volume purchased to lower costs.
We offer components and spare parts for your assets, dynamically priced in order to offer you the best value for your investment.