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Our success fees are built into the cost of a project and therefore only rewarded if a project is successfully closed
1. Scope
Identify Developer goals (MWs, siting, preferred fuel, PPA strategy). Screen portfolio for target power plants. Present shortlist for selection à Pre-Feasibility Study.
2. Develop
Support Developer with project permitting & licensing, introduce financiers to project.
Execute Technical Due Diligence on selected power plants. Coordinate additional studies (grid, water, ESIA, fuel) –> Bankable Feasibility Study.
3. Procure
Issue RFQs for EPC of plant relocation and O&M of operating plant. Prepare Sales & Purchase Agreements for Asset Sale. Support Transaction Advisors during Financing phase.
4. Execute
Finalize contracts with tender-winning suppliers post financial close. Maintain Project Risk Matrix over the relocation process as EPC Managers. Oversee design & set up of Operations strategy à ASTRA exit 1 year after Operation.